If traveling is your passion, chances are that you come across as a person who seldom sits idly. Your mind is always planning something new. This makes you visit unique places around the world. Like every other place you have visited so far, you always perform a checklist of most desired things to do during the trip. So far, you must have been to several different places. Guess what, this time, you are planning a trip to Dubai. Attending corporate events in Dubai can be exciting too. The very city that has taken the tourism world by a storm. Not a day goes by when something new is being erected in this city. Just forty years ago, the city was virtually nothing more than a small town located in the middle of the desert. It is quite fascinating to see how that small desert town has shaped itself as a modern day tourism icon. Not only this, Dubai also happens to be the commercial hub in the entire region. You will likely see a number of multinational companies having offices in Dubai. Pack your bags, it is time to take a quick trip to Dubai, in the meantime don’t forget to try two must do things during your trip:

Wild Wadi

Don’t get confused because of the name. It is a one of a kind water park that offers entertainment to age groups. You will find rides for those who just want to relax as well as those who like adventure. The park has it all from surfing machines, pools generating waves to very high waterslides. The Wild Wadi park has been listed as one of the top attractions in Dubai. Considering the excitement and adventure it offers, you cannot afford to miss this one. Don’t be surprised if the park ends up occupying a full day of your Dubai stay.

Visiting Burj Al Arab

Before you start wondering about what qualifies this hotel as a must visit place, know that it is the only seven-star hotel in the region. Everything about this hotel is unique, starting from its design that reminds you of a huge sail, to the food you eat here and the rooms having separate Jacuzzi and bath, your own private check-in, everything is top notch. You also have butlers that you can call at any time of the day. Not to mention, you can even take a tour to the city in a Rolls Royce or take a flight in the private helicopter.

Sounds a little unaffordable, but it is worth every penny you invest as you are making life long memories here, including that overnight safari in Dubai that you had.