Australia needs skilled and educated workers always. That’s why they have ample categories of visas for skilled workers. People form some of them the most. You can read a few of them here at

  1. Independent Visa: The majority of the skilled workers and professions apply for an independent visa to move to Australia. In this visa and immigration process, the government of Australia or the employer would not provide the sponsor. Yet, the person can live in the country and work there permanently. Besides, he or she can bring one or two family members as well because the application has the inclusion of them. However, a person has to score 65 marks at least to get this visa. 
  2. Nominated Visa: Nominated visa is for sponsored skilled workers. The workers can apply for this visa who is sponsored by the state and government of Australia. Like the applicants of Independent Visa, they can live and work there permanently but nominated visa applicants should be less than 45 years and they can only apply for it when the government invites them to apply. The applicants should be able to speak and understand English. Besides, they have to clear health and character assessment tests.
  3. Sponsored (Provisional) Visa: It is the best for skilled workers whose one or two relatives live in Australia. The workers have to apply SkillSelect to get an invitation to apply for immigration. However, you should ask the relative to sponsor you to get the invitation. Besides, the applicants have to fulfill their basic requirements. However, the person has to live in the state which the state or sponsor has nominated for you for two years. Moreover, the person who has to take part is required surveys. 
  4. Regional Visa: Regional Visa is for educated and professional workers who can play a role to boost the economy of the state. They have to live in a state where there is a requirement of the workers of his or her field for two years.  You have to stay in that region of Australia for the first two years that have nominated you. However, it is the requirement of the visa that you have stayed in the country for two years already on a Nominated Visa.

So, these are a few categories. You can ask immigration consultants for Australia in Chennai about other categories.