Every company will try to give away different gifts in their life cycle of business. Some will start this give away early and some will late but almost every company do that. There are a lot of ideas about corporate gifts Abu Dhabi which you can use to promote your business. It is not necessary that you have a huge budget to start this campaign of free gifts; you can start this with lower budgets too. Start the campaign with gifts of lower amounts and in lower quantity and once you will get the fame and start earning more profits then you can do this campaign on a bigger level. To get more ideas and information about this campaign you should look at this web-site and get these ideas:

Coasters: In offices where people are eager to get the tea and coffee more often, coasters will be a very good idea to give. You should print the name of your company on that or the logo of your company so that whenever someone is going to use it will get your company name reminded. This is going to help out significantly in gaining recognition in the market. You should select the material carefully because people are going to place their hot cups on them and sometimes hot beverage will spill on that and if the quality is not good then it will break down early leaving a bad impact of company. People will think that if the gifts are of that bad quality then the real products will be bad too.

Caps: You can give different kinds of caps to your employees and to other people so that when they wear that cap people will see your company name visibly on them. This idea is good during the summer season when people are using caps to save themselves from the scorching heat of sun. They will be even more inclined to use caps in summers as they will protect them from heat stroke and sun burn on the face. You can also think of giving out the winter hats but people will rarely use them so they will be less effective as compared to the summer caps. You should make them in the colors of your company and if you want to make them more generalized then you can make them ion black or dark blue color.